Sunday, December 20, 2009

Intel's next-gen Pine Trail Atom processors officially announced

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Intel's next generation Atom chips has been announced in their roadmap.
45nm process.... I like!
Smaller, consume lesser power..

Earth friendly but let's hope we are not too late in saving the earth with these sexy cpu chips!

Get ready for the next generation of netbooks and nettops: Intel's just officially announced the Pine Trail Atom N450, D410, and D510, along with the NM10 Express chipset, and we should see over 80 machines with the 45-nanometer chips at CES 2010.

Nothing too surprising about the 1.66GHz chips themselves, which integrate the memory controller and Intel graphics directly onto the CPU die: the N450 is targeted at netbooks, while the single-core D410 and dual-core D510 are designed for nettops, and each chip should use about 20 percent less power than its predecessor.
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