Sunday, January 24, 2010

"Look Ma, No Strings" The Misa Digital Guitar

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This is a cool guitar. No strings

Misa Digital Guitar comes without any string. It is a Linux-powered MIDI controller that comes with 24 frets and a multi-functions touch display. Watch the demo after the break.

“In electronic music, the timbre (or color) of sound can be morphed in an infinite number of ways. For a guitar to accommodate this, the right hand needs more control than just plucking strings. You need to be able to control elements of the sound, such as sustain, pitch, filter cutoffs, contour or any other synthesizer parameter, in a way that has no physical constraints. There are no strings on this instrument. The right hand doesn’t pluck strings, it controls sound.”

Source: Misa Digital Guitar @ 2DayBlog
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