Monday, January 18, 2010

Pepwave Surf Mini to tackle WIFI inadequacies

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Nice little gadget if your existing wifi signal is too weak for your big house.

Pepwave Surf Mini to tackle WIFI inadequacies: "Pepwave has a little nifty gadget, aka Pepwave Surf Mini, that can do many wireless mini-miracles...

For US$99 MSRP, it can (** see below for applications summary diagram)

1) Act as an independent access point to add wireless connectivity to your network

2) Act as a repeater to re-broadcast existing wifi signal, increasing coverage and reliability

3) Act as a Wifi dongle to industrial devices with only Ethernet connectivity


Last but not least, it has the option of adding high gain external antennas to the device. And this feature allows for long distance point to point connections to be made with 2 x US$99 Pepwave Surf Mini. There are some real-life references of up to 0.75 of a mile by means of 15 dB antennas on both sides.

Now imagine what a 23dB panel antenna could do..

Read more at Genghis Kent's blog or buy one at

More product specifications here at

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